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Ashraya’s DNA

  • Contemporary – live in the 21st century
  • Urban – our focus is on cities. Not towns and villages
  • English Speaking
  • Family-oriented – provide opportunities for all ages
  • Genuine – no masks, just be real
  • Holistic – people are spirit, mind, and body – not just spirit
  • Respect for Individual Choice – encourage but don’t pressurise
  • Naturally supernatural
  • Outward Looking – life is never just about us!
  • Relaxed / Informal
  • Excellence & God’s Intervention – we are crazy enough to believe that both can exist at the same time
  • Jargon Filter – we prefer using words that everybody understands than fancy religious words spoken just to impress
  • Practical – we’re more interested in how following Jesus works in real life than how it works in theory