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Ashraya’s Vision

Before anything else, Ashraya exists to be a community of people who seek to obey the teachings of Jesus in every day life.  For those of us who have decided to be followers of Jesus, this means endeavouring to better understand Jesus’ teachings and seeking to find practical ways to live that out in the real world.  For those of us who are exploring whether or not to follow Jesus, that means continuing to seek to find truth.  In either case, it is about faith.  And that is what Ashraya is about. So, we offer so many opportunities for varieties of expression of worship, learning, searching, exploring, and serving.  Whether it be a worship service, an Alpha or Beta class, or any of the innumerable serving opportunities we provide, it all comes back to trying to find a way to really live out what Jesus taught.  faith.

There are many ways to “do church”; but, in our case, we are very clear on what our focus should be!  When we think of our first calling(i.e. faith), we know those chances to grow have to be offered to everyone, whether they are six or sixty.  But six year olds and sixty year olds don’t learn or grow the same!  Because of this, we offer environments designed differently for different phases of life.  Our KLUB, for example, is a highly experiential approach to learning for kids.  But, beyond the “spiritual” environments for the family, Ashraya is committed to making a difference by supporting families throughout the city.  We are radical about it.  So, we conduct workshops on parenting & marriage(The Good Parenting Workshop / Marriage Masala) and run full-fledged sporting leagues for football & soon basketball, for kids in Bangalore.  We do it because “family” is core to who we are.  faith…family.

Jesus said things like “don’t hide your light under a bushel” and we take that pretty seriously.  You see, if Jesus really was the Son of God, you would think that his followers would have an impact in the world.  Don’t get us wrong.  We’re not trying to be some egotistical group of maniacs who think way more of ourselves than is prudent (at least we hope not).  But, we do believe that, if we’re really going to follow Jesus, we should be at least something like Him.  And so, if He changed the world for eternity, we believe He can use us to make a difference.  Our hope is that we can at least be some positive influence in the world around us.  faith…family…and influence.

But the thing is, it is not faith or family or influence.  To us, it’s all three together.

faith.  family.  influence.

That’s Ashraya.

Why don’t YOU come and join us?